Design Alaska understands the value of education and supports it on all levels.

Continuing education for its employees is encouraged and supported by Design Alaska. Whether for personal or professional gain, employee expenses incurred in pursuit of university level continuing education, be it Legal Principals for Engineering Management or History of World Art, are fully reimbursed by Design Alaska.

Employment of local architecture and engineering students is encouraged. Every summer four or five university students work for Design Alaska and acquire skills that can only be acquired by working in a real life environment. They are given meaningful tasks and they become productive members of the Design Alaska team. Some continue to work for Design Alaska when they return to school. For those who are willing to work a minimum of 20 hours per week while in school, they are eligible for Design Alaska’s continuing education reimbursement policy, thus allowing them to attend school and acquire a university degree at Design Alaska’s expense.

Hoping to increase opportunities for Alaska Native youths enrolled in architectural and engineering curricula, Design Alaska, through the Doyon Foundation, established a Design Alaska summer internship for Alaska Native architecture and engineering students. This internship provides the student an opportunity to gain relevant work experience during the summer and financial assistance for tuition and room and board while attending college. Six Alaska Native youths have benefited from this program since its inception in 1998.

Design Alaska has established an active School Business Partnership with Pearl Creek Elementary School. Design Alaska’s goal with the partnership is to enhance the learning experience. The following summarizes the ways that Design Alaska has done so:

  • Helped Pearl Creek to achieve Green Star status.
  • Sponsors the Visions of Exploration Program at Pearl Creek.
  • Has sponsored teams of Pearl Creek teachers in the Biz Bee; a fund raising event for the Literacy Council.
  • Provides judges for science fairs and competitions.
  • Has sponsored Pearl Creek participation in tours of Calypso Farms.
  • Has purchased computer parts as part of an extracurricular activity where students learned how to build computers.
  • Collects aluminum cans and gives them to Pearl Creek so they can collect money through recycling the cans.
  • Donated classroom recycling bins for plastic, paper, aluminum, tin, and glass.
  • Displays student art at Design Alaska’s office for the public to appreciate and enjoy. Design Alaska provides art supplies for this program.

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