Who we are

Design Alaska was founded in 1957 as a partnership of local architectural and engineering professionals. Since inception, our corporate office has been located at 601 College Road in Fairbanks, Alaska. Design Alaska is the largest full service architectural and engineering firm in Interior Alaska. Our technical expertise and design perspective results from the combination of local resident staff and project experience in the varied climatic and cultural regions of Alaska.

Design Alaska has a long history as a thriving and energetic engineering and architectural consulting firm. Clients have come to rely on our professional design services for current projects as well as for the expansion of existing facilities. Design Alaska's continuous history enables our use of the firm’s corporate “memory” of past projects for present endeavors. Our extensive archives are a significant source of information that remain available to clients for many years after current project involvement is finished. Participation in a project does not end with the ribbon cutting, but continues throughout the life of the project. In fact, we are often able to provide reliable information on completed projects after the system operation and maintenance personnel change.

Design Alaska has been involved in the planning, design and construction of urban and rural facilities in Alaska for over 50 years. Our firm has expressed a commitment to not only provide good planning and design services, but also to making sure that the solutions offered meet the needs of the local community in accordance with local customs, lifestyles, and traditions.

Design Alaska operates with a staff of 60+ employees. Our firm is a “full service” organization and has available the resources offered by fully staffed architectural, engineering, and surveying departments. This is especially useful for multi-discipline projects that require the support of one or more other disciplines and eliminates the need for sub-consultants.

Design Alaska has a full complement of in-house registered professionals in architectural, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, and survey disciplines. Our greatest strength is multi-discipline experience in the arctic, subarctic and coastal regions of Alaska. Our multi-talented staff of professionals work together with dedication and pride to give clients the best product. Project types have included housing, retail, shipping and receiving, shop and maintenance, warehousing and supply, laboratory, administrative, education, and medical facilities. Our firm has also performed studies and designed numerous airport, roadway, utility, and fuel-handling projects, either in support of building facilities or as independent projects. In addition, Design Alaska has performed a variety of surveys throughout Alaska, including cadastral, topographic, control, engineering, and GPS surveys.

What is our vision for the future? The future of the State of Alaska is very promising and Design Alaska intends to be a part of that future; we will grow as Alaska grows. We will continue to enhance our ability to provide our clients with quality service by staying abreast of the latest industry developments, by maintaining state of the art equipment and technology, and through continuing education for our employees. We look forward to the future and the challenges to be met in the 21st century.

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